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What Is Gelatin Capsules Good For?

The use of gelatine as a food ingredient dates back to the Middle Ages when it was used as an ingredient in jelly foods. Today, it is part of our daily lives and is a preferred ingredient for many consumers around the world. Gelatine is derived from natural resources and is obtained by partial hydrolysis of the collagen contained in animal skins and bones.


As a pure, high-quality protein from a by-product of the meat industry, gelatine helps to reduce waste. And no chemical modification occurs throughout the manufacturing process. Optimizing the benefits of gelatine makes sense, as it helps to reduce waste. As traceability is vital in food production, all raw materials are rigorously tested and controlled to ensure the highest quality, safety, and traceability.


Benefits of capsules

Gelatin Capsules are dosage forms in which the active ingredient (e.g. a drug) is encapsulated in a dissolvable shell. They are a safe alternative to tablets and offer a number of benefits over tablet form.


Gelatin Capsules

Firstly, capsules are easier to formulate than tablets. This speeds up the development process and means faster time to market. Capsule technology also allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to encapsulate liquid and semi-liquid fillings, which is not possible with tablets.

Empty Capsule Shell help improve patient compliance. This is because capsules tend to be smaller, which makes them easier to swallow, and they perfectly mask the unpleasant taste associated with liquid drugs or chalky tablets.


Another benefit of capsules is that they are customizable, meaning that they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors for unique identification.


Capsules have traditionally been made from gelatine, an animal protein derived from collagen. However, in recent years, plant-based alternatives such as HPMC and modified starches have become available to meet the needs of vegetarians.

Gelatin Capsules


What are the benefits of gelatine capsules for nutrition and medication?

In these dosage forms, medications or dietary supplements are safe and can be stored safely. Gelatine is a pure protein that is flavorless, gluten-free, and GMO-free, and provides a benign oral dosage form that creates a pleasant experience for the consumer. It enables manufacturers to customize it by color, shape, or size to meet the requirements of the active filler and the target group. 

Gelatine also allows for a variety of release profiles from enteric (slow) release to rapid release for active fillers, enabling manufacturers to adapt to a wide range of fillers while meeting the needs of consumers. Furthermore, reputable gelatine suppliers offer halal and kosher certification for different gelatine types to meet a wide range of consumer requirements and preferences.


What is the difference between capsules and tablets or pills?

Unlike tablets - which are essentially compressed powders - Enteric Coated Gelatin Capsules are a convenient delivery system that beautifully encapsulates the active filler. Due to the low friction properties of capsules - they are easy to swallow and thus improve compliance. Pills is often a generic term to include any solid oral medication or minerals and vitamins.


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