Embark on a New Journey!HIGO Shines on EUROBIKE 2022

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Nov. 24, 2022

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Embark on a New Journey!HIGO Shines on EUROBIKE 2022

July 13 - July 18, 2022, as one of the top three bicycle exhibitions in the world, the EUROBIKE was successfully held in Frankfurt, Germany.


This exhibition  gathered the E-Bike industry chain merchants, industry brands, traders and buyers from all over the world, and also presented a visual and spiritual enjoyment to the bicycle lovers as well.


As a pioneer brand in the connector industry, HIGO Technology insists on independent R&D and innovation.


In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, HIGO Technology integrates green standards into the whole enterprise and products, and contributes its own strength to create a low-carbon and environmentally friendly travel.


During the exhibition, HIGO displayed plenty of brand new products together with other international brands, and standed out among them.


Embark on a New Journey!HIGO Shines on EUROBIKE 2022

Focus on "intelligent new products"

The green and healthy "cycling activity" is heating up year by year. The European exhibition gathered businesses from all over the world, and the leadership of E-Bike lies in its gathering of the whole industry chain.


To HIGO, it is an opportunity and a challenge to exhibit at this moment of global attention!


In the whole connector field, HIGO has been adhering to the purpose of putting product safety in the first place, and it is by virtue of maintaining a "rigorous" attitude towards quality, performance and details that HIGO can move forward with ease in the highly competitive international market.

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In this exhibition, HIGO not only revealedthe products that have received unanimous praise from inside and outside the industry, but also introduces new products that adopt new technologies, convey new ideas and set new trends in the industry.


HIGO has always been in the leading position in product innovation, bringing higher standard and higher quality products to the emerging green electric mobility ecology, creating more substantial benefits for customers and laying a solid foundation for HIGO Technology to occupy the connector market!


Embark on a New Journey!HIGO Shines on EUROBIKE 2022

New and old customers gathered

Focusing on the connector field industry for many years, HIGO has the leading technical strength and rich manufacturing experience.


In order to further promote the brand influence in the European market, HIGO participated in this year’s EUROBIKE exhibition, so that continues to create industry miracles! Nowadays, the product quality and technical level of HIGO has been widely recognized by the domestic and overseas markets, and it has become the focus of attention inside and outside the industry at the exhibition.


This is a significant exhibition and a great opportunity for HIGO to have a dialogue with the world! HIGO has fully demonstrated the strength of China's science and technology to global customers and launched the famous brand of "made in China intelligently", brought the "light of national products" to the world stage with brand awareness and influence, and once again handed out a "Chinese business card" of connector industry to the world!


Embark on a New Journey!HIGO Shines on EUROBIKE 2022

Customer Service Experience

EPAC are gradually becoming a priority choice for the public, especially for European countries, where sports and leisure are both important. HIGO Twill also integrate the concept of sustainable development and dedicate itself to research and development to build a green travel business.


In order to establish a good relationship with customers and provide quality service experience, in 2022, HIGO will officially set up a European branch in Germany, which will also better provide technical support for global customers on connectors, wiring harnesses and display products, and establish a perfect after-sales service system, so as to bring more quality products to global customers and achieve a win-win situation at the same time!

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