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What can I do with old nail polish bottles?

If you have a lot of empty or old nail polish bottles, it would be too wasteful to throw them away. They are more than just bottles for your favorite nail polish. You can also use them for various purposes, including storing them with other components. If you are looking for great ideas on how to reuse nail polish bottles, you have come to the right place!


1. A small vase for your little flowers

There are many cute flowers that can make your home more attractive. You don't have to have huge flowers that require a lot of maintenance all the time. You can simply store empty nail polish bottles with small flowers anywhere in your room.

2. Save loose eye shadow

Although loose shadows tend to spread all over the face, many women still like to use them. The best way to apply them is to put some of them on the back of your hand, dip a brush, and apply on your face. This will allow you to better control the shadows. If you are planning to travel, an empty nail polish bottle will be your ideal choice for relaxing eyeshadows. This will prevent overflow, which can become very messy.

You can also use old nail polish bottles as holiday decorations. Use paint, stickers and other crafty materials (such as starters, ribbons, and hearts) to add more designs to them to use your crafting skills.

3. Mini candlestick

This may sound ridiculous, because the nail polish bottle is so small that even a small candle cannot be placed. However, today you can already find a nail polish bottle with an opening large enough to hold a small candle. You can decorate the bottle with stickers or glitter to make it more attractive.

4. Process material support

If you like handicrafts, then you may have a lot of materials that need to be stored properly. Nail polish bottles are a good storage space, you can use them to store glitter, small stickers and other crafty materials. It does not take up too much space and can also be used as an ornament in your room.

5. Home Decoration

Making your home unique and beautiful does not mean you have to spend a lot of money on decoration. You can reuse old items at home and turn them into decorations. With old nail polish bottles, you can color them, store them with glitter, put them on stickers, etc. Then tie them together with rope. Hang them outside the window, on the porch, or even outside the door. They will definitely make a statement.

6. Space-saving paint storage

Many women love art and like to spend some time doing crafty things. If you like to use different colors of paint, then nail polish bottles are perfect for storing them. Most paints are packed in huge containers, and they take up a lot of space.

With these great ideas, you no longer need to keep throwing away nail polish bottles and think they are no longer useful. You can now reuse them to help protect the environment, and you can also reduce some expenses.


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