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Why use anti climbing fences?

May. 31, 2022

The anti climbing fence is a safety measure designed not only to prevent escape or intrusion attempts but also to prevent the fence from being damaged. It is widely used in airports, factories, prisons and other places with high safety requirements.
The anti climbing fence adopts welded wire mesh plate to prevent cutting and scaling. They are also rust and weather resistant because they are made of hot-dip galvanized materials. Because of its low maintenance requirements, it is a cost-effective high security fence solution.
In order to enhance structural integrity and strength, the panel is either directly fixed to the surface of high-strength steel column or connected with support. In addition to providing various heights of different specifications, the anti climbing fence can be further customized, with fence nails on the top to provide greater deterrence.


How to assess your perimeter security?

Take a moment to consider your perimeter, various access points and entrances, your wall security and fence security, downpipes outside buildings, your doors and windows, and any poles around your property. Consider possible intrusions and their possible effects. Here are some basic questions you should ask yourself.
Is the perimeter of the property clearly defined?
What forms of physical barriers (walls, fences, gates, etc.) exist around the perimeter?
What are the barriers at each entry and exit point?
Are there downpipes or drains on any buildings that can be used for access?
Are there any poles that may be climbed or pole-mounted equipment that may be targeted by thieves?
What are the effects of border destruction and theft of valuables?
After answering these questions, you will be able to accurately define what you need to do to enhance your perimeter security. Hebei Yeyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd provides much low-cost peripheral safety equipment, and we are ready to provide free advice and guidance at any time.


5 reasons for choosing anti-climbing fence

1>Tightly woven mesh prevents intruders from gaining the grip they need to climb.
The anti climbing net fence is made of dense mesh. This type of mesh does not have large enough holes for hands and feet to grasp, so intruders will find it difficult to climb up and enter the property.
They may not be able to climb the property at all. Even if they can climb, they need to use tools that may only expose their activities, which is the last thing they want to happen.
2>Increased strength through tight mesh design.
Another feature of the anti crawl is that its design has added strength. Most types of Fences may be strong, but they can accommodate people to climb. On the other hand, the wire mesh is made of chain galvanized iron, which can increase the resistance of the panel to blunt force trauma and other forms of tampering, such as damage with knives.
3>Wear resistance.
The anti climbing mesh fence also has wear resistance. Galvanized steel helps to reduce rust and deterioration so that the panel remains strong and powerful for a longer time.
This type of fence also requires low maintenance. Because it can withstand different climatic conditions, it does not need regular cleaning and maintenance. However, it is best to check for possible cracks because they are easy to repair.
4>It can accommodate additional security measures.
What most owners like about anti crawl is that it can be assembled in a way with additional security features. It may be lighter than other fences, but the anti climbing net can be installed with a closed-circuit television system to monitor people entering around the property, or barbed wire on the top to ensure that no one is close to the area. You may want to ask your contractor how to add these features, or if they can add them to your anti climbing fence.
5>It is cost-effective.
Anti climbing fences are cost-effective due to a variety of factors. First, they are cheaper than other more specific obstacles. They are also prefabricated and are not assembled piece by piece in the property. They are divided into several parts, which also makes it easier to maintain and repair the fence (when you find a damaged part, you only need to repair that part rather than the whole fence).

Anti climbing fences are common in all types of properties, including residential, commercial and industrial land. It can be used not only as a security barrier and perimeter fence but also as a deterrent to people trying to enter your property.


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May. 31, 2022
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