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Why Do Chinese People Use Chopsticks as Their Main Tableware?

In the daily life of the Chinese people, chopsticks are inseparable every day, and bamboo chopsticks have a very ancient origin in my country, forming a close bond with the people’s material and spiritual life. It is said that my country is the first country in the world to invent and use chopsticks. As far back as the Shang Dynasty period, ancient Chinese people began to use chopsticks.


In general, humans mainly eat with fingers, forks and chopsticks. But in ancient times, our ancestors "eat animal flesh raw and drink its blood", naturally grabbed and ate with their hands, since the "man and ape begin to differentiate", people found cooked food to eat more flavor. In the pre-Qin era, people generally did not use chopsticks to eat. At that time, the rice was delivered into the entrance by hand.


Bamboo Chopsticks

Bamboo Chopsticks

When the ancestors grilled food, it was impossible to directly operate it by hand. They needed to place and turn the food with the help of wooden sticks, sticks, or bamboo sticks, and bamboo slices. In order to avoid scalding fingers, smart ancestors used them instead of fingers to eat. When cooking soups of meat and vegetables in cooking utensils, use them to pick up as well, and gradually learn to use two wooden sticks or bamboo sticks.


Use them to stir when cooking porridge to prevent the rice grains from sticking to the bottom wall of the pottery and burning. They can also be used to eat food when eating porridge. This is the earliest prototype of chopsticks. It can be said that the generation of chopsticks is closely related to the method of cooking food with pottery. Therefore, it has also become the most distinctive feeding tool of the East Asian farming nations that mainly eat grains. The appearance of chopsticks is a great progress in the history of our civilization. According to research, chopsticks have been in China for at least 3,000 years.

Bamboo Chopsticks

Bamboo Chopsticks

In Europe, until the fifteenth century, civilians in many countries were still grabbing food with their hands. Only nobles could use metal knives, forks, spoons and other tableware. During the feudal dynasty, many princes and nobles used silver chopsticks, and the gold chopsticks were exclusively used by the royal family. Therefore, silver chopsticks were all the rage on the tables of the princes and nobles. Gold cutlery has always been monopolized by the palace.


The Northern Wei Dynasty stipulated that people from the prince to the people should not privately keep "gold and silver craftsmen". It is illegal to make gold and silver utensils privately. The reason why silver chopsticks are popular is that silver chopsticks can be used to prevent poison. It is said that silver will produce a chemical reaction when it encounters sulfur-containing poisons, making the surface black, so that it can be judged whether it is poisonous in the food.In fact, it is not scientific to say that silver chopsticks can detect poison.


Most of the ancient Chinese chopsticks were made of bamboo. But it's also made of wood. Later, with the development of social productive forces, in order to show off their status and wealth, feudal emperors and nobles used precious materials such as gold, silver, jade, and ivory to make chopsticks as a sign of their wealth.

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