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Why Choose Sliding Shower Doors?

Sliding shower doors are the latest frontier in barn door hardware. Add the functionality of sliding barn door hardware and the look of high-end designer stainless steel sliding door hardware to your bathroom.

Sliding Shower Doors to Make Your Bathroom Pop

While your current shower door or shower curtain may not bring the design style you see on Pinterest, a simple, affordable update can really take your bathroom from monotonous to chic. The update, of course, is to replace hinged shower doors and fabric curtains with sleek, modern sliding glass shower doors. 


5 Sliding Shower Doors

1. Solid aluminum header bypass sliding shower door

2. Single panel glass barn door

3. Minimalist barn doors

4. Traditional glass barn door

5. French panel barn door


Sliding glass doors can be placed in front of showers and tubs, and they are compatible with a variety of door systems, including bypass, bi-directional and standard. Plus, we offer customization options for design, frame material and glass type, you'll soon have no excuse not to update the shower or tub enclosure! Before you start thinking about choosing a sliding glass door and getting excited about the opportunity to remodel your shower, it's important for you to understand the many practical benefits this type of door can bring to your bathroom.


Why Choose Sliding Shower Doors?

There are several reasons to choose a sliding shower door, especially when compared to a traditional hinged shower door or shower curtain. Some of the reasons are obvious: shower curtains can make a bathroom look outdated and dirty after a few years. On the other hand, hinged shower doors are not practical in terms of cleaning. That should be enough to convince you to choose a sliding glass door - but hold on! There are some more innovative reasons, some of which may surprise you.


5 Sliding Shower Doors to Make Your Bathroom Pop


Easy to clean

Compared to curtains or hinged doors, sliding shower doors are very easy to clean. For one thing, you don't need to remove the fabric from a series of separate shower rings, just painstakingly re-pull the curtain after a few hours of washing and drying cycles. Since curtains do need to be cleaned, either partially or in the washing machine, at least once a month, this will save you a lot of time when cleaning the shower.  


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