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Why Choose Glass Packaging for Pharmaceutical?

Glass containers are one of the main packaging materials used in the pharmaceutical industry. A large number of pharmaceutical preparations have been packaged in glass containers, which are often the packaging material of choice.


Glass Bottles for Pharmaceutical Use


Why Use Glass in Pharmaceutical Packagin?

Glass is an inorganic material (mainly silicates) or a mixture of materials that solidifies without crystallizing when heated and then cooled.
Glass has been used as one of the primary materials for medical packaging solutions for decades. Glass bottle for pharmaceuticals must be of the highest quality because the integrity of the product must not be compromised under any circumstances. The type of glass container used as a pharmaceutical packaging material is specific to the contents of the package. This is because the glass container is in direct contact with the preparation. The packaging should not react physically or chemically with the drug, which could lead to changes in product quality. Glass offers many advantages in the packaging of medical preparations. It is very strong, ideal for bulk transport, poses little health hazard, does not react chemically with the product, and amber glass protects photosensitive drugs from UV light.
Glass has many benefits as a packaging material; it is sustainable, inert, impervious to water, recyclable without loss of quality, and reusable. It is the ideal material for safe storage and protection of products.


Important tests for glass used in medical packaging solutions

Glass containers for the pharmaceutical industry require evaluation studies to confirm their suitability for formulation. These studies include:
Hydrolysis resistance testing.
Glass particle testing .
Surface glass testing.
Surface etching testing.
Light/spectral transmission testing of colored glass containers.
Arsenic release test for detection of arsenic in aqueous injectable formulations.


The Potential and Future of Glass in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Because of its sustainability and environmental friendliness, glass remains the pharmaceutical packaging material of choice. Glass will remain a key material for the foreseeable future.

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