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Which Wooden Hanger Should You Choose?

Which Wooden Hanger Should You Choose?


Wooden hangers are part and parcel of space management in space. It is a beautiful tool for arranging your closet in an orderly manner. A messy closet full of unorganized clothes is a disappointing sight. Hence, a wooden hanger is necessary to ensure an organized closet.


Not every cloth is feasible to use with the same version of a wooden hanger. Different types of clothes require different hanger designs to get the best results. There are scores of wooden clothing hangers that are different in design and manufacturing to entail particular requirements. You can choose the type of hanger per your wardrobe collection.


Introduction of Different Types of Wooden Hangers


Suit Hanger


A suit hanger is a comprehensive solution for hanging a set of suits. There are indentations on the top side of this hanger. This indentation prevents the slippage of the suit from the hanger’s surface. The horizontal bar of the hanger is prone to carry heavy clothing components such as pants.


Skirts Hanger


This hanger has a similar purpose as that of suit hangers. However, there is a slight difference in the design of this hanger. A skirt hanger is specifically for the skirts as it has clips instead of the horizontal bar. The clips of a skirt hanger will keep the skirt straight, and you will not have to press at the eleventh hour.


Shirt Hanger


Lightweight shirts do not require a heavy and sturdy wooden hanger. Therefore, thin wooden hangers are viable for hanging a shirt. The primary requirement of a shirt hanger is to prevent the wrinkles on your shirt. Therefore, this hanger is perfect for keeping the shirt straight in your closet.


Furthermore, sometimes clothes may fall into the closet after slipping through the bars of the hanger. That will damage the clothes, and you will have to iron them again. However, this hanger for shirts has taken care of this problem.


The non-slip feature of this hanger will keep the shirts in their place. Usually, the finishing surface of the hanger attributes to the non-slip feature.


Coat Hangers


Some clothes, such as coats and jackets, require a sturdy wooden hanger to withstand the heavy load. Therefore, this sturdy coat hanger is a viable option to accommodate heavy jackets and coats.


Pants Hangers


Pants hangers are multi-purpose wooden bars. These hangers have adjustable metal hooks. You can use these adjustable metal hooks to hang pants of different sizes. Furthermore, you can also easily hang socks, underwear, and other clothing items with this multi-purpose hanger easily.


Cedar Hangers


Wool clothes require exceptional handling since they are prone to get damaged easily. Moreover, steel or plastic hangers can have color effects on wool clothing. Hence, cedar hangers are the best option to manage wool clothes like sweaters.


It is pertinent to mention that moths are fond of wool and damage the cloth. However, this cedar hanger is an excellent repellent of moths. Thus, it will protect your wool clothes.




Wooden clothing hangers are an instrumental part of every closet. They play a key role in managing the closet space efficiently. Furthermore, you can easily hang your different clothes without damaging them.


The types of hangers vary according to the types of clothing and other requirements. There are different hangers for shirts, pants, coats, and silky clothes. Thereby, you should underscore your requirements before choosing the types of hangers.


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