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What is Reed Glass Used for?

Reeded glass, also known as fluted or ribbed glass, is a beautiful way to incorporate visual interest into a space and add subtle privacy to its application through changes in light. Popular in the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 30s, reeded glass has a timeless and versatile appeal. It can add a sense of luxury to any space - think glass cabinets in the kitchen, a shower wall in the bathroom, a coffee table in the living room, a wall sconce in the bedroom ...... the list goes on. Pair it with brass for Art Deco glamour or with wood for a warmer, more classic feel.


An extensively used material in interior design, glass has the characteristic of transparency, which can impact privacy because of too much visibility. Fluting and reeding glass largely solves the problem. The fluted or reeded texture causes the light to refract (bend) through the many angles created by the grooves rather than penetrating straight through the glass, creating a visual barrier.


Reeded Glass

Reeded Glass


Reed glass applications


Reed glass is a popular decorative glass used in a variety of interior applications, from cabinet glass inserts to door panels. This glass is perfect for both contemporary and antique applications.


Reeded glass panels are a good fit in places such as bathrooms and offices, where privacy is required. Clear, low-iron and tinted glass can be used for creating shower doors, glass walls and partitions with fluting and reeding textures that would diffuse light through them.


Cabinet Glass Inserts


Textured glass is a great addition to kitchen cabinet doors if you want to add subtle glamour. Reeded glass on cabinet doors adds privacy and a stylish look. The recesses in reeded glass can be from 1/8 inch to 1 inch wide. The size of the grooves makes the glass more obscure. Our favourite reed glass for cabinetry includes 1/4" reed, 1/2" reed, 1" reed and sandblasted reed. All of these options add seclusion and privacy to your kitchen cabinets.


Reeded Glass

Reeded Glass

Glass door inserts


Internal and external doors can benefit from high design glass inserts. Classic clear float glass can be boring, textured glass options are perfect for this application. Privacy and design aesthetics are two ways in which this glass can add value to a door. Most door companies offer a variety of patterned and textured glass options. Reeded glass is modern and suits most home styles. For safety reasons, the glass can be available in a variety of thicknesses or laminates. You can also laminate different sizes of reed to create the illusion of sight.


Frameless glass doors and glass barn doors


Glass barn doors or office doors are another popular application for reeded glass. You can choose from clear, low iron reed glass or use digital glass printing to print custom colours. This glass is sure to stand out in a home or office environment. 1/2 inch thick 10mm reeded glass is a great choice for frameless doors. Additional fabrication can be completed to make the door the thickness you want.


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