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What Is Bagasse And Why Is It Important?

In an era of economic uncertainty and a desire to be more environmentally friendly, fast food restaurants, retail facilities and delis must look at more sustainable food containers. Fortunately, bagasse is an emerging environmentally friendly solution that can reduce packaging costs and meet FDA food safety standards.


At Shengquan New Materials, we are proud to be one of the leading wholesale suppliers of bagasse tableware. Let's take a closer look at a few of the key benefits of bagasse and how this sustainable packaging can enhance your company's brand image.


What is bagasse?

Bagasse is the fibrous material or pulp that remains after the juice has been extracted from sugar cane to make sugar. It is basically sugar cane pulp. When you think about it, it is actually waste material, but this by-product has been used to make a variety of products. Bagasse is rich, versatile and inexpensive, making it ideal for use in different types of food packaging. These are the reasons why bagasse is superior to plastic takeaway containers.

9×6in Biodegradable Clamshell


#1. Bagasse takeaway containers are cost-effective.

Sugar cane is a globally shared resource and harvesting approximately 100 tonnes of sugar cane provides approximately 10 tonnes of sugar and 34 tonnes of bagasse. Having said that, the supply is large and readily available, making bagasse outbound containers cheap, while providing such benefits to companies and consumers alike.


#2. Bagasse can be used in a variety of food packaging applications

Some other applications for bagasse include boxes, trays, bowls, plates, bagasse cups and other food containers. These items can be safely stored in the refrigerator without degrading. Also, bagasse has excellent heat resistance, making it ideal for cooked food. Some studies have even shown it to be microwave safe. As the material is not adversely affected by temperature, it is ideal for transport and storage conditions.


#3. A biodegradable solution that is safe for the environment

Another significant advantage of bagasse is that it is biodegradable, which further helps to reduce landfill. Compostability refers to the ability of a substance to act as a fertiliser, while biodegradation involves the decomposition process of breaking down the substance further as part of the natural cycle. The three main stages of this process are



Biofragmentation and


Compostable Clamshell

#4. Bagasse is safe.

Unlike many other materials such as plastic, bagasse food containers do not leave any strong odours, tastes or residues. This means that food eaten from bagasse takeaway containers has no unpleasant odours that could negatively affect its taste and quality. In addition, these containers can be frozen and microwaved, meaning they can withstand temperatures from -25°C to 220°C.


#5. Recyclable qualities to enhance your brand image

Delivering sustainable products in sustainable packaging is the ideal goal for future mass production. The more commercial physical items that can be reused, repurposed or recycled, the more they contribute to environmental protection.


Nature and recycling centres, not landfills, should be the destination for sustainable materials. Bagasse food packaging products are the perfect solution. The fact that bagasse can be recycled means that if you use this material in your restaurant, it can enhance your brand image.


In essence, being more environmentally friendly will increase the loyalty of partners and end users to your brand, who see the proactive practice as improving the quality of life.


Whether you're looking to order bagasse food packaging products or want to learn more about the amazing benefits of bagasse, the team at Shengquan New Materials can help. 


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