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Ultimate Guide to Purchase Your Bathtubs

May. 10, 2022

Bathtub shopping is exciting and dazzling too, thanks to the almost endless choices in materials, installation, systems, shapes and all sorts of add-ons you never considered. It's enough to make you want to close your eyes, flip to a random page in the catalog or scroll through a random website, and choose whatever is at your fingertips.

Not sure where to start? Our tub buying guides clearly describe and illustrate the pros and cons, options, maintenance instructions, price ranges and recommended brands for each tub. Check them out to learn everything you need to know and make a confident, informed decision. Follow JK Bathroom to learn more.



Solid Surfaces

For many reasons - durability, warmth, low maintenance, seamless aesthetics - a solid surface offers a plethora of benefits and options. It is one of the most popular choices available today. Solid surface materials are relatively new to the bathtub market. They are durable and efficient, but they are also heavy and relatively expensive.

Solid surface bathtubs are made from synthetic polymer materials and are available in a variety of design types, and we also accept custom services.


Item 8809 matt white freestanding bath



Acrylic is a durable material with many design options, but it is a little more expensive than fiberglass or enameled steel and can be scratched by the use of certain cleaners. In a bathtub, acrylic panels are molded and reinforced with fiberglass to create a strong, water-resistant surface.

Acrylic bathtubs are lightweight, soft and easy to clean, and they are affordable.


Looking for luxury? The search ends here. Copper is the perfect choice for an elegant and beautiful bathroom that is environmentally friendly, hard-wearing and naturally hygienic! But it conducts heat quickly, tends to dissipate heat and may not be a good choice in winter.

Cast iron

Classic, timeless, durable and beautiful - what more can you expect from a bathtub? Enameled cast iron has been the material of choice for bathtubs for more than a century. Its surface tends to leave scratches, so it requires attentive maintenance.

We also have Stone Resin Tubfor sale and welcome your visit.




The drop-in bathtub is the most commonly purchased type of bathtub. It is available in countless configurations, shapes and sizes, and offers virtually unlimited design options!


This space-saving miracle means your bathroom can accommodate a bathtub. Who knew? Corner tubs free up floor space, improve the flow of the room, and provide plenty of space for bathing and decking.


An instant focal point! Freestanding bathtubs are striking and sophisticated, making heads turn. These tubs offer many benefits (in addition to their striking appearance.) JK Bathroom sells freestanding tubs in a variety of materials and shapes and welcomes your selection.


Ultimate Guide to Purchase Your Bathtubs


With a bathtub being something you use regularly, it's wise to invest in durability. Fortunately, with a range of durable and affordable options on the market today, you can find the right tub for your style, needs and budget. If you have questions about your freestanding bathtub options, feel free to contact us for a quote.


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