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The Ultimate Guide To Best Telescopic Poles

How do you "choose the right telescopic pole for your project"? If you browse through our catalog, you will be overwhelmed by our extension pole product lines.


Different lengths, materials, threaded ends, fluted, fixed lengths - the list of options goes on and on. With so many different extension poles to choose from, we thought it would be helpful if we provided a help guide.


Start by asking yourself these three questions.


What will I be using the telescopic pole for? How often will I use it? How high or how far do I need to reach? The answers to these questions will help you narrow down your choices.


An example: A homeowner will be painting the exterior of their home this summer. They will want to use the pole to paint the inside of their home sometime later this year. Their home is two stories and they have a cathedral ceiling at the entrance of their home.


Applications of Telescopic Poles


Because of the multiple uses and high range needed, you will need to choose either a heavy duty or professional type extension pole. In addition, the following rule of thumb applies when determining the length of extension pole to purchase.


Your height minus 6 inches, plus the length of a fully extended pole, tells you how high you can reach with a pole of that length. Most two-story homes will require you to use an extension pole of at least 18 feet.


A heavier fiberglass pole suitable for painting may not be the best choice if you intend to use it for dusting only. For dusting, you can choose lightweight aluminum or steel extension poles.


When choosing between aluminum or steel rods, most aluminum rods and sliders are anodized to prevent rusting and provide smooth extensions. Steel rods will rust over time, so if your application requires contact with water, do not purchase steel rods.


Water Fed Pole System

Water Fed Pole System


If you have a task that requires water, Extentool offers carbon fiber water fed pole system and aluminum telescopic pole for water fed pole system window cleaning.


Telescopic water poles that can be used in many different outdoor cleaning situations. The extension pole can be connected to a standard garden hose via a flow control shut-off valve.


Advantages of Water Fed Pole System


1. Water fed pole brush,with Nylon bristles water flow through brush and angel adjustment,it can achieve multi-angle adjustment to meet the needs of cleaning small flat surfaces.


2. The surface of the tube wall is very smooth, and the material is aluminum with anodizing, so it is very easy to use.

Water Fed Pole System

Water Fed Pole System


3. The structural design of the telescoping pole focuses on pursuing simplicity, and all parts are reinforced, so the failure rate of the product is very low.


4. The telescopic water fed pole brush bristles with a height of 6cm (2.4inch),and the telescopic pole size usually is 18/20/24/30/36 feet,we also accept customized.


Using various styles of telescopic water fed pole brush, you can clean decks, siding, decks, windows, boats, RVs, cars, masonry and many other surfaces. Using a flow-thru angle adaptor you can also clean gutters or water hanging plants.


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