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The Purpose of Installing Emergency Lighting in your Workplace

What is Emergency Lighting?

Emergency lighting provides a back-up light source in the event of a power cut, turning itself on automatically or allowing light fittings to remain on. The purpose of emergency lighting is to allow occupants to easily locate the exits to evacuate the building safely. Emergency lighting is designed to illuminate escape routes such as corridors and stairways whilst providing a clear escape route signalled using lights therefore, preventing panic and danger for the occupants.

The Purpose of Installing Emergency Lighting in your Workplace


Benefits of Emergency Lighting

● Emergency lighting provides the property with constant lighting, making it safe for people within the premises to evacuate calmly in the case of a fire, even if mains power is affected.

● Businesses can reduce working time or money lost in trying to sort out situations if the mains power does fail.

● If a fire occurs and there is a blackout, emergency lighting will make it easier to leave the building safely and calmly for everyone in the premises.

● Emergency lighting is easy to set up, but proves extremely effective in the case of an emergency


The Different Types of Emergency Lighting:

When installing a new emergency lighting system, there are two types of emergency lights; maintained and non-maintained emergency lights. What is the difference between maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting. Because maintained lights are continuously on, they consume more energy. Even non-maintained lights, however, require a steady trickle charge from the mains to keep the backup battery charged. Non-maintained emergency lights, on the other hand, will use less energy during their lifetime.


What is Maintained Emergency Lights? 

Maintained emergency lighting is a luminaire in which the emergency light will be lit continuously, even throughout a power shortage. The main purpose is to allow pathways and emergency exits to be illuminated and provide a clear guide for people to exit the building. This type of maintained emergency lighting is more common in cinemas and theatres. The reason is because these areas are usually in darkness, therefore, require a maintained emergency light to illuminate the pathways and exits.

If you're looking for an emergency light for a public place, you'll want to go with well-maintained emergency lighting. This guarantees that all exit points and escape routes are illuminated at all times, which aids evacuation in the event of a power outage.

The most important role of an emergency light, whether maintained or not, is to provide adequate lighting when the mains supply is disrupted. When this happens, the luminaire switches to emergency illumination mode, drawing power from its backup battery to keep working.


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