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Steps to Teach You How to Use Disposable Skin Staplers

Steps to Teach You How to Use Disposable Skin Staplers


There's nothing better than a nail cut. Sutures are faster, simpler and easier to learn than staples. Experts say stitching with disposable skin staplers is three to four times faster than closing a sutured wound and is also associated with lower infection rates. Let's take a quick look at the ins and outs of this valuable technique.


Which wounds

When a patient with a laceration comes to your practice, you must determine the appropriate closure method - skin adhesive, sutures, or staples.
Sutures are best suited for wounds on the scalp, abdomen, back or extremities. Wounds of the hands, feet, face, and neck should not be sutured.


What you need

In keeping with the simple nature of skin stitching, all you need to close a wound is the ...... roller ...... stapler. The skin stapler comes pre-loaded with 5 to 25 staples. You may also need forceps to help hold the wound edges together while you place the staples. And, don't forget your wound cleaning supplies.

A little wound preparation

Once you have determined that the laceration is suitable for suture stapling, clean the wound thoroughly. Check the wound carefully for foreign bodies and other signs of complications. Anesthetize the area with an anesthetic such as lidocaine. If the wound is small, you may choose not to numb the area, as placing one or two staples may be more painful than anesthetic administration. You may also consider using a local anesthetic.


Let's Bind

Approach the edge of the wound with your non-dominant hand or forceps. Align the center of the tear with the center of the head of the stapler. Press firmly on the tear. The depth of staple placement depends on how hard you press the stapling device against the skin.
Continue placing staples about 3 to 5 mm apart until the wound is completely closed.



Staple Removal

Staples on the scalp are usually removed in about 7 days, and staples on the back, abdomen and extremities take 10 days to remove. To remove skin staples, use a skin staple removal tool. Place the two edges of the tool underneath the staples and firmly against the skin. Squeeze the handle of the tool until it is fully closed and lift the staples from the skin.



As with any medical procedure, some practice is required before suturing the wound on a real live patient. In fact, you can purchase a skin stapler on Amazon and then practice bananas and other fruits in the comfort of your home, watching instructional videos for some additional tutorials.


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