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SPC Flooring Maintenance and Cleaning All Guide

Jun. 07, 2022

SPC flooring has become widely popular in the flooring world. There are many issues with its popularity, including the long history of SPC flooring, the way it is manufactured, and its amazing features.
SPC flooring is beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. Nonetheless, you will still need to do basic cleaning and accidents do happen. HOW TO CLEAN SPC FLOORING? Here are some simple and easy to care for tips to keep your vinyl flooring looking newer and longer.


Cleaning after installation

Cleaning thoroughly with water immediately after installation is a bad idea. If you wash or scrub after the installation is complete, you will only ruin your flooring.
Usually, it takes time for the adhesive under the boards to dry and bond firmly. It is recommended that the area be isolated for at least 48 hours, and in some cases several days, depending on the type of adhesive used.


SPC Flooring Maintenance and Cleaning All Guide


Sweep frequently

It may sound cliché, but regular cleaning is a proven way to help keep your 4mm SPC flooring in top shape.
You can sweep the floor with a regular broom or use a skilled method with a brushless vacuum and power broom. One particular tool to avoid when sweeping SPC floors is the agitator wand of a vacuum cleaner, as it tends to damage the coating.


Treat leaks promptly

Any spills can be removed immediately by simply wiping with a damp cloth. The longer a spill remains on the floor, the greater the likelihood of a permanent stain forming. To remove common stains such as juice, wine, food and grease, you may need to use an SPC floor cleaner recommended by your SPC flooring manufacturer.


SPC Flooring Maintenance and Cleaning All Guide

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Reduce wear and tear

If possible, take off your shoes when stepping on the floor, this will reduce the chance of scratches caused by stones and sand carried by your shoes when you put them on. Use plywood, hardwood paneling to protect your SPC flooring when moving furniture to prevent scratches and signs of wear.
If you are a pet lover, be careful as animal paws can also leave wear marks on your floors. Regularly trimming your pet's nails and claws will help reduce potential scratches.


Don't steam clean

Steam cleaning is convenient because you can quickly clean, disinfect and dry in one go without using chemical cleaners. However, here's the catch ......
Hot steam can actually do more harm than good to 4mm SPC floors. It is so severe that some of the damage it causes is irreparable.


Floor waxing

Waxing can sometimes cause many flooring problems. Most of the time, problems occur when homeowners use the wrong waxing products. With that being said, you should never try to wax yourself with a product like wax paste.
If you plan on polishing or waxing your floors, it is much safer to seek professional advice and services from SPC flooring factory. Trust me, if it gets damaged by DIY waxing, you will definitely want to spend your money on professional waxing rather than replacing it with a new set of floors.


SPC Click Flooring


Stay away from direct heat

Most people probably don't realize this. spc floors are sensitive to heat. Any direct heat from matches, heating equipment and cigarette butts can cause scarring or damage.
So the next time you handle something hot, make sure you support the hot surface with a rug or pad and do not touch your SPC floor directly.


Scratch and wear repair

Found tiny, fine lines of cracks on your SPC flooring? Don't worry, let a scratch repair kit take care of it. You don't necessarily need to replace the tiles or planks with new ones.
Look for a removal product recommended by your flooring supplier to help remove scratches and wear. It usually works for minor scratches. Once removed, simply wipe the area with a damp cloth or mop.


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