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Sliding Glass Shower Doors Vs. Hinged Glass Shower Doors

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom or replace your shower doors, you may want to consider hinged doors versus sliding doors. These doors will not be replaced often, so here is a guide to making the right choice.



Hinged doors

A hinged door can be a one-piece door with hinges on one side or a two-piece door with hinges on both sides. The door locks with magnets to create a watertight seal when closed. Hinged shower doors are framed or frameless and are made of plain and decorative glass. Hinged shower doors are easy to install and provide better entrance access if the door swings outward. Price will depend on the style of framed and frameless and the thickness of the glass on the door.


Large Openings

Hinged doors can open outward at a 90-degree angle. They provide safe, spacious entryways for seniors and people with limited mobility.

Easy to Clean, Maintain

Hinged doors operate in a simple manner with virtually no "moving parts," which minimizes the need for on-the-road maintenance. There is no risk of rust or buildup, and these shower doors are easy to clean and maintain.

Aesthetic Appeal

Hinged shower doors provide a clean, aesthetically pleasing look for all styles of bathrooms and can bring an upscale ambiance to your space.

Hinged glass shower doors are suitable for larger bathroom spaces, so if your home has enough space to accommodate it, we recommend you choose our hinged glass shower doors



Sliding Doors

Sliding shower doors can be frameless, framed, or half-framed. Sliding shower doors are available in both flat and curved enclosures. Curved enclosures offer more space than flat enclosures. High-end sliding doors slide on 3 wheels, allowing them to be pushed and slid by your fingers. Sliding shower doors also have disadvantages. Sliding doors are more difficult to install than hinged doors. One of the main concerns with sliding doors is dirt, soap, and dirt on the low track can cause the door to jam and the track to rust if the track is not kept clean. Another disadvantage of sliding doors is the limited access space in the shower because the door is fixed.


Seamless Appearance

Sliding shower doors offer a lovely, seamless aesthetic with a streamlined, modern look that complements a wide range of bathroom styles.

Functional Handles

Like the towel bar, the pull handle of the shower sliding door can be used to hang towels and washcloths.

Efficient Use of Small Spaces

If your door slides open instead of swinging, sliding glass doors are the most space-efficient option for your small bathroom because sliding doors are space-friendly and don't require clearance around the shower entrance.


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