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Network application of perimeter security fence for airport protection

May. 16, 2022

The airport fence is composed of "Y"-shaped bracket columns, reinforced welded mesh, safety anti-theft connectors and hot-dip galvanized blade gill nets. Therefore, the entry fence is also known as the "Y" type safety defense net, the airport protective net, the airport fence, the airport fence, the airport isolation fence, the airport fence, the airport fence, the airport fence, the airport isolation fence. The airport fence is a kind of guardrail specially used for the security protection of the airport perimeter.

The development of airports has led to the emergence of a network of airport fences. The railway fence is made of high-quality low-carbon iron wire. After spot welding and forming through automated, precise and accurate mechanical equipment, the surface is treated by dipping technology. It is produced by conventional British standard. The structure of the guardrail manufacturer is to divide the original guardrail column into upper and lower parts. The lower end of the steel pipe of the upper column is sleeved in the upper end of the steel pipe of the lower column, and there are bolts passing through it to connect the upper and lower column steel pipes together. It prevents the deformation of the lower guardrail column by strengthening the lower column, that is, using sleeves or other processes, and at the same time partially weakening or weakening the upper column to control the deformation position of the guardrail column.

1.jpg The flexural modulus is also reduced at the same time, thereby ensuring that the crashworthiness level is not lower than the original standard design. The road fence net is made into a mesh product by a certain technical method on the metal wire. It is made of copper wire, stainless steel wire, iron wire and steel wire as raw materials. The diameter of the wire is mostly 4 to 0.025 mm. Generally, plain weave, twill weave and mat weave are used. The metal screen has clear and correct holes, flat surface, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, etc. The stainless steel screen is also resistant to corrosion. Therefore, metal screens are mostly used for powder screening and oil filtering. Airport fence, also known as airport fence, y fence, airport fence, etc., is a special security protection product around the airport. Today's airport fence is not like the early development of our country, it is composed of a simple barbed rope. At present, it has developed into an anti-climbing wall composed of various protective fences. Using low carbon steel wire welded mesh, column, barbed wire mesh (optional), diagonal bracing (optional) connection. Uses: Mainly used for guardrails, beautification and anti-overturning projects near the airport. The airport fence adopts a prefabricated overall frame structure and is equipped with a knife and barbed wire, which greatly improves the safety. It provides new ideas and methods for the design of airport fence. The airport fence introduced in this paper is a new type of airport fence, a new type of airport fence structure, and an important part of the airport fence. This is a good option for airport protection.

Airport guardrail networks can usually choose different surface anti-corrosion treatment technologies, such as galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, spraying, dipping, etc. In addition to anti-corrosion, it also has strong anti-aging, sun protection, beautiful and practical characteristics, and has good wind resistance, economy, durability, pattern diversity and other characteristics. The airport fencing is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire or aluminum-magnesium alloy wire by spray welding. The grid structure is simple, the transportation is convenient, and it is not restricted by the terrain. It is especially suitable for mountainous, sloping and multi-bend areas. The product has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, good corrosion resistance, convenient maintenance and strong anti-climbing ability. It has been widely used in airports, military bases and other high security locations over the years.

Airport fencing is usually a curved triangular fence using different techniques such as framed fencing, and a method of applying this effect to blade stud cords. Not only the installed M-card but also anti-theft bolt punches, plug-in connections, etc. can be used.


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