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How to Pick Cherries from a Tall Tree?

Telescopic Fruit Picker

Telescopic Fruit Picker

Whether you run an orchard or regularly pick fruit locally, you're here to find ways to fill your fruit basket faster. Getting your fruit by hand works well, but you may be leaving fully ripe produce at the top of the tree.

The best fruit pickers make picking hard-to-reach fruit more comfortable and efficient. Simply hold the long handle to reach the fruit, grip it to the clawed end or capture it in a basket. You can use the fruit picker instead of a ladder for safer fruit picking throughout the season.


Most fruit tree pickers are made of aluminium and are therefore lightweight and easy to carry. These are often best suited to harvesting fruit grown on trees, but be sure to check for accurate measurements. Telescopic fruit picker can also be extended to accommodate a wide range of tree heights.

Telescopic Fruit Picker

Telescopic Fruit Picker

Given the size and abundance of branches, large fruit trees can obviously have more fruit than smaller trees. Harvesting fruit from taller trees is much more difficult. If you want to know how to achieve high levels of fruit, read on. We will give you tips on harvesting from tall trees when the sweet fruit is too tall to get to.

Tall tree harvesting

Your trees are tall and full of gorgeous fruit. It doesn't matter whether those fruits are apples, lemons, figs or nuts. Gardeners don't want to waste the harvest. What if the fruit is too tall to reach from the ground?

Tall trees can be tricky to harvest because "tall" means from 15 feet (5 m) to 60 feet (20 m) or more. The techniques available for picking fruit from tall trees depend to some extent on the height of the tree.

How to Reach High Up Fruit?

When you need to harvest fruit from large trees, you can consider a number of options. If your tree is not too tall, you can just stand on a ladder with a basket and pluck. Another popular method of harvesting fruit from tall trees is laying out tarps on the ground and shaking the tree so that the fruit falls into the tarps. 

Fruit Picker

Fruit Picker

Obviously, this works best if the tree is somewhat supple and you are harvesting nuts or small fruits like cherries.The tarps should cover the ground to the leaf line. After shaking the trunk and dislodging as many fruits as possible, hit the branches with a broomstick to loosen even more fruits or nuts.


There are other ways to harvest fruit from large trees. Such as a fruit tree picker.One that works well with larger fruits or softer fruits is to use a basket picker tool. fruit picking devices is practical. is a long pole with a metal basket on the tip, with metal fingers curving inward. 

You’ll need to position the basket beneath the fruit and push up. Usually, you need to empty the basket after three to six pieces. This aluminium fruit picker has a pole size of 12ft/18ft/24ft. The protective foam pads at the bottom of the basket prevent the fruit from being knocked. The pole also includes a non-slip handle so you can use it on rainy days. All parts are reinforced for a low failure rate.

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