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How to debug and run slurry pump?

Slurry pumps carry a mixture of solid particles containing dross and water. But in principle slag slurry pump belongs to a centrifugal pump, in iron and steel enterprises mainly used for dust removal water converter, blast furnace gas washing water, continuous casting turbid ring water and steel rolling turbid ring water system mud transport.

The test run of Yijia slurry pump should meet the following requirements:

First, before starting the submersible slurry pump, the rotor of the rotary pump should slide evenly, close the outlet gate valve, and pour water into the pump, to ensure that the pump is full of water, no air socket.

Second, If the pump is equipped with a vacuum gauge or pressure gauge, close the cock connected with the submersible slag slurry pump and start the motor, turn it over after the speed is normal, and then gradually turn over the outlet gate valve. If the flow is too large, the gate valve can be properly closed for scheduling; otherwise, if the flow is too small, open the gate valve.


Three, then evenly tighten the clamping nut on the packing gland, so that the liquid leaks out in drops, and pay attention to the temperature rise outside the packing cavity.

Four, stop diving slag slurry pump work, to close the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge cock and the gate valve on the outlet pipe, and then cut off the power supply of the motor, such as the temperature of the environment is low, should be opened at the bottom of the pump body four screw plug, remove the remaining water, so as not to freeze crack.

Five, in the process of working, the very high temperature of the bearing should not exceed 75 degrees, the amount of calcium base butter used by lubricating oil bearings is appropriate to 1/3 to 1/2 of the space of the ancient bearing body. When the packing is worn, the packing gland can be properly pressed, and if the wear is too much, it should be replaced.

The whole debugging process of submersible slurry pump is mainly the above five work, mainly pay attention to the details and the phenomenon in the process of work, there are problems in time to deal with, to avoid the formation of losses at work.

Slurry pump operation should pay attention to the following points:

(1) Prohibit the operation without water, do not adjust the suction population to reduce the displacement, prohibit the operation under too low flow;

(2) Monitor the operation process, completely prevent the leakage of the packing box, replace the packing box with new packing;

(3) Ensure that the mechanical seal has sufficient flushing water flow, and prohibit the use of excessive water flow for water-cooled bearings;

(4) Do not use too much lubricant;

(5) Check according to the recommended period; Establish operation records, including operation hours, adjustment and replacement of fillers, addition of lubricants and other maintenance measures and time; Centrifugal pump suction and discharge pressure, flow, input power, temperature and bearing vibration should be measured and recorded regularly



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