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How to Cleaning and Maintain Aluminum Windows and Doors?

Jun. 07, 2022

Aluminum is a sturdy building material that can last for decades without major repairs. Even so, there are still simple ways to maintain aluminum windows and doors to ensure they stand the test of time. Here are some great tips to keep your windows looking great!

If you are considering upgrading your home by replacing your windows or doors, you may be wondering which material is best for your needs and within your budget.

We offer a variety of wood windows and doors, as well as uPVC frames for various glazing options, but for a modern look that requires minimal maintenance and ensures a long life, aluminum is the smart choice.

For doors, aluminum bifold doors are an especially stylish option that will allow you to bring the outdoors inside during the summer months, providing a sleek and modern look.

Our bifold doors are essentially floor-to-ceiling windows that can change the look and feel of any property.

While homeowners find increased longevity when upgrading to aluminum, we want to show you how to maintain aluminum windows and doors so you can be sure they look as new as the day they were installed over the years.


How Often Should You Clean Your Aluminum Windows and Doors?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the maintenance of aluminum windows and doors - much depends on personal preference when considering cleaning and maintenance procedures.

However, as a guide, we recommend that you clean the glass approximately once a month and the aluminum frames once every two months.

The great thing about aluminum is that it is naturally easy to clean, and even if you forget about it for a few months, it is unlikely to cause any lasting damage to the integrity of the material and its appearance.

Cleaning the glass

The focus when cleaning window glass should be on

Reducing streaks

Cleaning the inside and the outside - many people neglect one or the other!

Make sure the glass is dry and even.

If you can, pay close attention to how streaks form and how your windows are drying. Once you recognize how your particular glass reacts in its location, you will find it much easier to implement simple maintenance procedures over time.

Glass Cleaning Techniques - Step by Step

1. Move or remove curtains or blinds before starting

2. If necessary, use a dry brush to remove dust or cobwebs

3. Fill your bucket with a solution of soap and warm water or a special window cleaner and water

4. Use a non-abrasive sponge to wipe the windows. Try not to produce too much soapy water, as this may leave marks when drying

5. Wipe off the cleaning solution from top to bottom with a clean squeegee

6. Wipe the squeegee occasionally with a dry cloth while wiping away the cleaning solution

7. After the window is dry, gently pat or wipe the sill with an absorbent and dry cloth (DIY tip: If you find lint or other marks on the cloth, use newspaper to dry it!)

8. Repeat the same technique from the other side of the glass.


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