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How to choose the right pallet packaging machine?

Mar. 29, 2022

Have you considered adding or upgrading pallet packers to your packaging line? With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to know where to start -- high vs. low, semi-automatic vs. fully automatic, integrated vs. offline, and so on. To help simplify your search, Rapid Packaging has compiled the first four questions to ask you about your application to help narrow your search to the right pallet Packaging machine. This article will explore each issue and tell you what you need to know to ensure you choose the right pallet packer to successfully make your packaging line run at the most efficient speed.




How do you load tray wrappers?

How you load the pallet wrappers is critical to finding the right pallet wrappers. If you are currently using a pallet truck, consider purchasing a thin pallet packer with a loading ramp. The ramp allows you to easily roll the tray onto the paper.

If you only use a forklift, then a high specification pallet packer should be suitable for you. The tall turntable provides a more obvious target when the forklift lifts the pallet onto the turntable. It is also easier to damage low turntables when using forklifts.


How much do your trays weigh?

When choosing the right pallet packer, you need to know the weight of the pallet. Most semi-automatic pallet packers have a load-bearing capacity of about 4,000 pounds. If you need to know the weight of the pallet, consider adding a scale to the robot pallet wrapper. The weighing option allows you to quickly get pallet weight ready for shipment.

If you know your pallet load is over 4,000 pounds, your next choice will be a rotary arm pallet packer. The rotary arm pallet packer is suitable for almost any packaging situation, as it can package almost any load size. Since the loads remain stationary and there is no turntable, they are ideal for wrapping very light, very heavy, high and unstable loads.


How many pallets do you load every day?

How many pallets you load per day will help to determine whether we should use semi-automatic pallet packer or fully automatic pallet packer. For example, suppose you pack five pallets per hour; You do not need high speed pallet packaging machine, so semi-automatic packaging machine can meet this need. The semi-automatic packaging machine requires the operator to start the machine and place the stretch wrapping paper on a tray to begin the packaging process.

Once you process up to 35 pallets per hour, we need to start thinking about automatic packers that provide higher throughput and automatically start packing once pallets are placed on the packers. The operator simply drops the tray and the machine does the rest.

What size tray do you use?

Finding out the tray size you use will help determine the turntable size you may need. The standard size turntable can be fitted with a standard 40 "x 48" size tray. If you use pallets larger than standard size pallets, you may want to consider upgrading the turntable size to a 60-inch round turntable, or consider using a rotary arm or split tray packer.

Rotary arm robot pallet wrapper is suitable for trays of irregular size, because there is no turntable. You simply place the tray on the floor and wrap your arms around the tray. Split base tray wrappers are a good choice when you still need the turntable option but need extra space around the turntable


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