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How to charge the Power Bank?

A Power Bank is an external battery that includes at least one USB port so that it can charge a device while away from an electrical outlet. Mobile power supplies come in a variety of capacities, which can affect the physical size of the charger as well as the charging time of the device and the mobile power supply.

Knowing what a mobile power supply is helps to understand why each one is a little different, why some are better than others, and how to charge the one you have. While some guidelines are pretty standard, others will depend on the specifications and quality of your mobile power.

You venture into unfamiliar territory and it happens: suddenly your phone's charge drops to 10% and you need to return the direction. If your mobile power has not yet been charged, you must find a place where you can charge your phone, and if you are lucky enough to find one, this still means you are stuck waiting.


How often should you charge your mobile power?

If your mobile power is dead, you certainly need to charge it. However, it's actually best not to let it go completely flat. Charge your mobile power when it's down to 20%, and charge it to 80% without letting it fully charge or completely drain. Watch the LEDs or find out how long it takes to charge your mobile power, you can find this information in the instruction manual.

The mobile power loses capacity according to the charging cycle and is not used for a long time. One charge cycle is 0%-100% and two cycles of 100% to 0%. 50% will equal one cycle. For your mobile power, this means do not overcharge it.

Mobile power supplies slowly lose power when not in use. They should be charged every 2-3 months. First check the remaining charge using the button next to the LED.

How to use your mobile power for the first time

1: Use the button to check the charge level, usually next to the 4 LEDs, if your mobile power has one, check the LCD display. If your charger does not have these, go to step 2.

There are usually 4 LEDs, each representing 25% of the total charge. If 3 of the 4 lights are on, your mobile power has about 75% charge. Obviously, if the battery is empty, you must charge the power supply; otherwise, go to step 2.

2: Check the user manual before first use to see if charging is recommended.

Most mobile power supplies will recommend charging first, but some will not, so for ideal use, check first.

3: Charge the battery to 80%.

Always charge to 80% only and use to 20%.

4: Test your phone or device with the mobile power to make sure it is actually charging.


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