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Most people have a very concrete perception of model cars because they can see and touch and play with them, but those who know a little about cars should know that model cars are not as simple as we think, and it is a huge project for Model Car Manufacturers to get authorization, determine materials/processes, open molds, produce, preserve and transport. Today, let's take a brief look at the history of model cars.

What is a model car?

A car model is a scale model made in strict proportion to the shape, structure, color, and even interior parts of a real car.

According to incomplete statistics, since the birth of model cars, automobile manufacturers all over the world have launched tens of thousands of models of cars, and broken the monopoly of Europe and the United States in producing and collecting model cars, and gradually developed into a popular collection and investment project in the world.


mclaren model car

History of model cars

The world's first Model Cars were born in 1913, when the American Ford Motor Works gave buyers a small model of the exquisite Model T while selling the newly produced Model T. Ford's intention was purely to compete with General Motors. Surprisingly, this kind of gift car model was used for giving, and it was soon favored by car lovers.

In 1925, the Buick miniature car model appeared. In 1925, the Buick miniature car model appeared, followed by various brands of car models in Britain, France and other European countries.

Some people say that the car model is not our toy car back then ...... in fact not. The so-called authorization in the car model industry refers to the brand authorization, that is, the well-known car manufacturers grant the car model manufacturers the right to use the brand car trademarks and models. Through the authorization, each car model factory can design the car model according to the shape of the real car, and can use the trademark and shape of the real car in the model itself, internal and external packaging and various activities. Toy cars do not have this right.

Initially, car models were only used as props for free publicity by car manufacturers, and the brand had not yet emerged. It was not until the 1980s that the concept of "branding", "licensing" and "agreement" emerged in the model car market, and the expensive license required model car manufacturers to have a series of very strict standards when manufacturing models. The expensive power of attorney required model manufacturers to have a series of very strict standards when making models. This not only regulated the small, chaotic and poor car model industry in the early stage, but also established a leading position for the authorized model makers in the industry.

It is said that in order to seize the market, Hot Wheels had tried to sign an exclusive license agreement with Ferrari, and when the competitors of Hot Wheels learned the news, they didn't know how to deal with it. They soon went bankrupt and became victims of "licensing".

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