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How high the coat hanger should be?

Whether you're still considering coat racks or have already bought the hooks and hardware, there's something you need to know before you can install the rack on the wall. Just where on the wall does it go - how high should a coat rack be? While it's not a firm rule, common sense dictates the answer (and coat tree makers agree).

As a general rule, most people conclude five feet to be an acceptable height. In a public place, the ADA standards say that coat racks should be only four feet high. A standalone coat rack is typically around six feet tall, with the hooks located near the five-foot mark. Whatever you choose, your coat rack should be placed low enough to be reached conveniently. However, it must also be high enough to keep coats from touching the ground (even long coats).

While five feet is the normal height, you'll want to consider who uses the coat rack regularly. Whether your family is especially tall or includes small children, you can always tweak the height to something more appropriate. If a member of your household needs wheelchair accommodations, four feet may be more appropriate. Keep reading for tips on picking the best coat rack for your home and decor, examples of different coat rack styles, alternative places to use coat racks, and more!

Why Use A Coat Rack?

Coat racks (and trees and benches) are a great way to organize the clutter and chaos that usually gets dumped at the doorway. No one wants to find an overwhelming mess when you first enter the home. Keeping everything confined into one space makes it easy to find coats, hats, and other needed items every time you leave the house. It also makes the space look uniform and orderly. After all, a place for everything and everything in its place, right? What better place than a coat rack!

By having a coat rack available, you'll also be able to keep your things off the floor. This means that when you're rushing out of the house, you won't have to pick things off the floor. No one likes to find dust, pet hair, and dirty footprints marring their outerwear on their way out the door.

How To Pick A Coat Rack?

There's a lot of things to consider when picking a coat rack for your home. First, let's look at some of the questions that you'll need to answer to pick the perfect coat rack for your space.

Style Options

Both wall-mounted and freestanding coat racks lend themselves to certain home designs. Wall-mounted can blend into the wall if desired. Freestanding, on the other hand, stands out more like a separate piece of furniture.

Some people do not like hanging things on the walls and instead prefer to keep walls clear. Others don't like having to drill holes in the walls (or live in a rental home and cannot). On the other hand, a freestanding coat rack can be easily moved at a moment's notice. If you redecorate frequently, this might be a necessity.

What Are You Storing

If you know your coat rack's main use is hanging up coats, look for deeper hooks to keep coats from slipping to the floor. If you expect to use several hooks for accessories, such as purses, you'll probably want hooks located at different heights. Finally, some coat racks even have space for shoes or storage boxes.

How Many Hooks

Now that you know what you plan to store on your coat rack, figure out how many hooks you'll need. Don't forget to add some space for guests, in addition to your family's regular belongings.

Available Space

Freestanding coat racks take up more room, as a general rule. Wall-mounted coat racks with a bench require a lot of room as well. If you need something that fits into a small area, there are compact options with folding hooks.

There are also corner wall-mounted coat racks. Since these are designed to fit into the corner, they really maximize the storage potential of a small and (usually) under-used space. Corner racks can work really well to create more storage in a small entryway closet.


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