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How did you enjoy your first camping trip?

Pay attention to these 10 tips! ! If this is your first time camping! !

We have over 11 years of camping experience and are one of the most famous outdoor brands in the world! First time camping, we will provide you with professional camping advice!


1. Don't be a lone ranger.

It doesn't matter if your entire camping group is new. I won't repeat the benefits of more people here. During the actual camping experience, you will appreciate how wonderful it is to have friends around.


2. Don't go too far.

If you're towing your family, go to a regular camping park. The infrastructure is relatively complete. Even if we don't have all the equipment, we can handle it. If you're looking for a bit of excitement, it's best to go to the outskirts of town. There's a village not far from the camp. Get help quickly if you get into unnecessary trouble or extreme weather.


3. Don't go anywhere without a cell phone signal.

We're camping, not living in the wilderness; We want to explore interesting ways of life, not break away from modern civilization. In any case, there must be good means of communication with the outside world, otherwise encountering danger will be disastrous.


4. Don't go out in extreme weather.

First, we need to avoid winter. While there are many friends who start playing with fire accounts, this is definitely not a consideration for beginners. Proper outdoor temperature will greatly enhance your liking for camping activities. Avoid thunderstorms, strong winds, and dust.


5. Carry plenty of drinking water.

Camping outdoors is still more physically demanding. Sometimes we rush to open our mouths to breathe and expel a lot of water, often without paying attention, leading to symptoms of dehydration. In severe cases, it can be life-threatening.

Try not to light a bonfire.

Campfires can add a lot to your camping activities, but if you start a fire because of inexperience, the loss is not worth it. If you're in an open camp with no weeds, try it.


7. Make a complete camping plan.

I believe that many friends will make a plan before going out, but there are some friends who are more casual, play everywhere and pursue uncertainty. But camping is really different. Reasonable travel arrangements, meal preparation, entertainment planning, so that your entire camping process in order. Otherwise you'll be exhausted and explode in place.


8. Pack your ingredients in a planned way.

In fact, when camping, we are afraid of not enough to eat, eat badly. They often bring lots of ingredients and snacks at a time. If it's fresh, you need to carefully plan how much you use for each meal, otherwise it can be a huge waste.

9. Don't buy your first camping gear step by step.

For those of you who are camping for the first time, my advice is to rent a tent and sleeping bed, or buy a cost-effective tent that is easy to set up. Utensils, cutlery, folding chairs and other equipment can be taken home ready made. Why did you do that? I can share my personal opinion with you briefly here. Whether a piece of outdoor equipment is in line with their own aesthetic, whether it is in line with their spending power, has nothing to do with others. Even if it is recommended by a veteran camper, it is the answer from his own use and aesthetic point of view. After all, camping should have its own style and tone, whether it is from equipment, to outdoor dining, to camping content, it should have its own attitude. A bit like home decoration, keep the style of diversity, friends will have more topics to discuss. So every camp is a process of exploring your own style, which is full of unknown and fun. Step by step, the upgrading of equipment is inevitable, never a step in place.

10. Take away all the garbage you do without explaining too much.


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