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Five tips for buying LED lights


Since October 1, 2016, incandescent lamps have withdrawn from the lighting stage and LED bulbs have entered the main stadium, leading the fashion scene. It is particularly important to understand the performance of LED lamps. In the face of many kinds and brands of LED lighting products, how to choose? [Ze Dong Lighting] to make some simple introduction to the purchase of LED lighting lamps.

At present, the comprehensive light efficiency of LED lighting lamps on the market is 601m/W ~ 1001m/W, color rendering index is 60 ~ 90, color temperature is 2700K ~ 6500K, and life span is 20,000 ~ 50,000 hours. The INDICATORS of LED lighting lamps produced by various manufacturers are not quite the same. So how to choose?

The first trick [select color temperature according to season and environment] :

The color temperature range is 2700~6500K. The smaller the value is, it tends to yellow light; otherwise, it tends to blue and white light. Yellow light is usually suitable for winter and bedchamber, living room, dining room and other occasions to create warmth and comfort. The white light is bright and clear, which is suitable for study and kitchen in summer.

The second trick [need to focus on color contrast, choose high color] :

Chromativity refers to the authenticity of the color after the object is illuminated by light, and the value is 0 to 100. Now the chromativity standard of LED bulbs is greater than 75 or above, but experts suggest that it is better to choose more than 80. People who have a studio at home should buy a bulb with high chromativity, which can better reflect the authenticity of color.

The third trick [select quantity and luminous flux according to the number of flat surface, environmental lighting needs] :

Luminous flux refers to brightness. In the same number of flat, according to the different environment, the number of bulbs used varies. If the bedroom of same 5 flat and study need 2 and 5 the bulb of 13 watts each.

The fourth trick [choose high luminous efficiency] :

The higher the luminous efficiency is, the more power is saved. At present, the luminous efficiency of LED lamp [Lm/w] is generally higher than 80, and the higher the value is, the more power is saved.

The fifth recruit [general LED bulb (non-wide Angle) for under lighting lamps, wide Angle LED bulb for floodlight lamps] :

It refers to the luminous Angle. Generally speaking, the general type of LED bulb is suitable for low-illuminated lamps, such as the Hallow lamp. Wide-angle LED bulbs are suitable for flood light lamps, such as wall lamps, vertical lamps, etc.



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