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Do You Know How Important an Electric Motor is to a Piece of Machinery?

The electric motor is the backbone of a piece of equipment, the source of power, and damage to the motor can result in the whole piece of equipment not functioning properly.( ZCL Electric Motor Technology Co., Ltd. can supply a wide range of motors, please enquire.)


What do you think of an electric motor?


An electric motor, or motor for short, is a piece of production machinery that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy for various purposes. It is the main core of a machine and is the device that drives the whole machine. Electric motors are made according to the principle of (force on an energised conductor in a magnetic field). It consists of two main parts, a coil that can rotate and a magnet that remains stationary. In an electric motor, the part that can rotate is called the rotor and the part that is fixed is called the stator, using the principle that an energised coil is turned by the force in a magnetic field.


Electric motors have a wide range of uses


Electric motors are used in a wide range of applications, and are generally installed in machinery and household appliances. They are used in textile, metallurgy, aerospace, mechanical engineering and chemical industry. Most of the power in factories today is driven by electric motors. In everyday life, electric motors are used in water pumps, electric fans, car starters, electric cars, construction mixers, cranes and so on. From small electric toothbrushes and hairdryers to large electric locomotives, electric motors are indispensable to people's standard of living.

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Common faults and their causes  


The motor is a mechanical device, in the process of operation, due to friction, vibration, insulation aging, etc., inevitably failure. If these faults are checked, found and eliminated in time, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents.


1. The motor has no starting torque, or cannot be started at no load, and makes abnormal sounds.

(1) One phase of the three-phase power circuit (including the gate switch and lead stator winding) is disconnected, resulting in single-phase starting.

(2) The power supply voltage is too low.

(3) Excessive bearing wear, making the rotor close to the side of the stator, causing the stator and rotor not to be centered, and uneven air gap.


2. The starting torque of the motor is small, it cannot start when there is a load, and the motor stops when the load increases, sometimes there is a strong noise and local heating.

Low voltage of the grid, short circuit between turns in the winding, broken wire or desoldering in the rotor winding, single-phase operation caused by a broken wire in one phase after starting.


3. The starting current is high and unbalanced, with a loud sound, causing the protection device to act and cut off the power supply.

Stator winding wiring method may be incorrect, winding to ground insulation aging.

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