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Different Types of Drinking Glasses

The choice of glassware is endless. Whatever type of catering establishment you run, whether it's a rock bar or a casual restaurant, you'll need at least some standard drinking glasses for water, juices, soft drinks and more. Here we outline the most common types of drinking glasses and some of the factors to consider before choosing the right type of glassware for your needs.

The Most Common Types of Drinking Glasses

Each of the following types of drinking glasses share many similarities and can be used interchangeably. However, based on your operation or catered event, opting for the right glass can go a long way towards a positive impression.

Juice Glasses

As you may be able to infer from the name, juice glasses are best reserved for serving juice. They’re often notated by their smaller capacities, ideal for serving fresh-squeezed juices during breakfast and brunch.

Wholesale Colored Glass Cups

Wholesale Colored Glass Cups

They are available in different designs to really highlight the bright juices and to assist with tabletop presentation. Sometimes these are used interchangeably with small capacity rocks glasses, sometimes called lowball glasses. The standard height of juice glasses is usually no more than five inches and the capacity is usually between three and seven ounces.

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Champagne flutes

One of the best ways to serve champagne or prosecco is in tall, thin flutes, with narrow openings that minimise carbonation loss and keep the fizzing. In addition, champagne flutes have less surface area than wine glasses, which reduces contact with the air and your hands and keeps the drink chilled for longer. Champagne flutes or prosecco glasses usually hold 6 to 7 ounces and are also ideal to use for sparkling wine and water.

 Double Wall Champagne Flutes

 Double Wall Champagne Flutes

Stemless wine glasses

Stemless wine glasses are most suitable for red wine because this wine is best served at room temperature. Using a stemless wine glass for white wine or rosé can warm the liquid past optimal drinking temperature. The versatility of these glasses is their main attraction. Alongside red wine, they can also be used for water and soft drinks, and are much easier to store than stemmed wine glasses.

Drinking Glasses

Drinking Glasses


Goblet glasses are best reserved for serving water or iced tea at banquets or higher-end catered events. Goblets are most notable by their wide bowl on top a short stem and are occasionally used to serve beer at higher-end bars with a large selection on draft. However, they shouldn’t be confused with tulip glasses that have a similar design. The main purpose of tulip glasses are to serve stronger, Belgian-styled ales and dark, heavy beers.

Clear Premium Crystal Goblet Glasses

Clear Premium Crystal Goblet Glasses

The standard height of a goblet glass is between six and nine inches and the diameter of the bowl is between three and six inches. These are important dimensions to ensure you get the right glass dishwasher rack to hold your goblets glasses. Capacities range between 10 and 14 ounces.

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Pitchers and Carafes

Don't forget the carafe and pitcher for more efficient service in large groups. Carafes are a great self-service tabletop accessory so guests can continue to refill their water without having to stop the waiter.

Glass Carafe and Cups Set

Glass Carafe and Cups Set

What kind of dishes do you have?

There are bound to be several glassware designs that will catch your eye. Avoid being overwhelmed: narrow down your choice by looking for glasses that complement your dishes. Casual dinnerware should be paired with casual glassware; high-end china deserves to be special.

How many water glasses do you need?

You can buy your water glasses individually or as a set. Sets usually come with between 4 and 16 glasses. Some have a specific style (e.g. white wine glasses), but you can also buy various packages (e.g. a beginner's wine set). Depending on how often you drink and entertain, you may want the glassware to cover all bases (water, juice, wine, beer).

Gilding Silver Luxury Goblet Glass

Gilding Silver Luxury Goblet Glass

At the very least, there is one glass for each place setting (five glasses are needed for five place settings). However, when it comes to everyday glassware, you may need more than one set on hand so that you don't spend the day washing your glasses. If you have children, you will always need more than one pair of drink glasses. You can probably guess why.

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Check out our types of drink glasses for more information to help you find the right glassware for you.

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