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Application of Medical Disposable Oral Cleaning Sponge swab

There are many applications of medical sponge swabs in life. Today, let me tell you about the use of sponge swabs in oral care. Friends who don't know it, hurry up and learn it.

The same as the oral muscle training sponge swab, due to the unique physical properties of the sponge material, the sponge swab is also very suitable for oral care and cleaning. Of course, this refers to a specific group of people. It is recommended for friends who can take care of themselves completely. Normal toothbrush for oral cleaning too.

Application of oral cleaning sponge swab:

1. Children from 1 to 5 years old: Because the baby's teeth at this stage are not fully developed, the gums and the inner wall of the oral cavity are relatively delicate, and the use of toothbrushes is easy to cause damage to the gums. Due to the unique liquid absorption and softness of the sponge swab, It can effectively clean the baby's oral stains and absorb sputum, and will not scratch the gums and the inner wall of the oral cavity, which can effectively avoid gum bleeding.

2. Pregnant women during confinement period: For mothers who have just given birth, especially those who plan to give birth, during confinement period, due to the inconvenience of self-brushing, sponge swabs are a good substitute, which is economical and economical. use.


3. Severely ill patients who cannot take care of themselves: Normal people need to brush their teeth and keep their mouths clean every day. For patients in the intensive care unit and other patients who cannot clean their mouths on their own, they also need oral care. For nurses , The sponge swab can not only clean the patient's mouth and phlegm stains well, but also greatly facilitate the work of nurses.

4. The elderly with missing or toothless teeth: toothbrushes are not necessarily suitable for all people, especially the elderly who have no teeth or have too many missing teeth. It is actually very inconvenient for them to use toothbrushes. Due to the lack of teeth, the brush head of the toothbrush is directly brushed on It is easy to cause gum damage or bleeding on the gums. The softness of the oral cleaning sponge can solve the disadvantages of toothbrushes. It can not only clean the mouth, but also massage.

5. Pet oral cleaning: For many friends who like to keep pets, some people also choose to do oral cleaning for their pets regularly, such as once every 3 days or once a week to prevent oral bacteria Compared with toothbrushes, sponge swabs are not only more economical and practical, but also more acceptable to pets.

There are many other uses of sponge swabs, such as wound applicator, cleaning of industrial machines, etc. At the same time, in addition to the difference in shape, color and length of sponge swabs, the more important difference is the difference between coarse and fine-pored sponge swabs. Want to learn more about sponge swabs and sponges? Please follow Changzhou Munk to unlock more knowledge about sponges!


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