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Adult electric motorcycle: the future or a fad?

Jun. 23, 2022

Look around any motorcycle showroom and you'll notice one thing: every motorcycle uses the same basic technology to function. That is, until now. As technology has evolved, motorcycles have not been affected by such innovations to a large extent. However, the motorcycle industry has experienced a belated upgrade in the form of adult electric motorcycles. Whether adult electric motorcycles will become the new normal remains to be seen.

There are many pros and cons to adult electric motorcycles, and it mostly comes down to personal preference as to which riding experience suits your preferences. But for the savvy, forward-thinking rider, electric bikes are the future. 

The Benefits of adult electric motorcycle

There's a reason motorized vehicles have adopted electric features. The benefits of adopting electric technology aren't just good for the environment: they're good for the rider, too. These benefits include


1Save time: Spend more time on the road and avoid stopping for gas along the way. With an adult electric motorcycle, you simply charge your bike at home and hit the road!     



2Save money: Adult electric motorcyclists save an average of $300 per 5,000 miles driven. Not only do they save on gasoline, but adult electric motorcycles require virtually zero maintenance, making them very economical from a repair and maintenance standpoint.     



3Environmentally friendly: Although motorcycles produce less CO2 than cars, they still account for a significant portion of vehicle emissions. Adult electric motorcycles address this issue by reducing the rider's carbon footprint to virtually zero.     



4Exhaust Features: Consumers may think adult electric motorcycles don't offer the same riding experience, but innovators like Harley-Davidson are bridging the gap between electric and gas-powered bikes by adding special features like exhaust sound, gearboxes and clutches to preserve the riding tradition.


Adult electric motorcycle innovation combines conservation, environmentalism and tradition in a way that people might think, "What's not to like?" It depends on who you ask, but it turns out that bikers may vow never to put an electric bike in their garage, for a number of reasons.

What's missing from adult electric motorcycle?

When you think of driving on the open road, the first two things that come to every biker's mind are the sweet smell of burning fuel and the thunderous sound that announces their arrival in the world. With adult electric motorcycles, those two things are clearly missing. Not only that, but real motorcycle riders enjoy the challenge of turning a motorcycle wrench in the comfort of their own garage. As the need for maintenance on adult electric motorcycles decreases, the joy of the biker is clearly being taken away. While Harley-Davidson's exhaust sound feature may try to make up for the lost experience, many riders feel it's a far cry from the real deal.

In addition, adult electric motorcycle manufacturers haven't quite figured out how to optimize battery performance. The lithium-ion batteries required for electric bikes must be very small to fit on a motorcycle. So small, in fact, that a rider would not be able to enjoy a full day of travel or a long trip. Until battery technology catches up with motorcyclists' riding needs, adult electric motorcycles may remain a novelty rather than a true replacement for the days of bicycle riding of old. 

Choosing between gasoline and electric motorcycle

Whether adult electric motorcycles will become a flash-in-the-pan fad or the way of the future remains to be seen. If you are a stubborn motorcyclist who needs fast gear changes, loud exhaust and a hands-on experience, then an adult electric motorcycle may not be for you. But if you're looking for a cost-effective, eco-friendly way to get from point A to point B, then an adult electric motorcycle may be the garage companion you've been waiting for.

adult electric motorcycle

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