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5 Benefits of Custom Surgical Packs

All the supplies for a specific procedure are held in a convenient, custom surgical pack. The custom surgical packs used in many institutions contain sterile products that are designed for single-use. When the surgical team opens the pouch, everything needed for the surgery is there and sterile.

Reason #1: A Custom Surgical Pack Provides Better Safety

Through the use of a custom surgical pack, you can be sure to have greater safety for your latex-sensitive or allergic patients by ordering latex-free packs. In addition, you can order a pack that is sharps-free. The packs are designed to assist in addressing three significant safety initiatives: needle stick injuries, wrong-site surgery avoidance and cath-lab safe fluid management.

Reason #2: Greater Efficiency

The use of Disposable surgical packs has a number of benefits including those leading to greater efficiency. The pack’s use reduces the procedures’ lay-up times freeing up valuable nursing time for other activities. By reducing set-up time for the theater, the pack allows for more time to be dedicated to patient care. Fewer errors will, most likely, be made in setting up as well. The tools included can cater to the preference of the surgeon. All in all, less time will be needed to prepare for a procedure and to layup the theater.

Reason #3: Reduce Inventory

Custom surgical packs reduce inventory in the supply chain of a hospital or surgical center. Thousands of surgeries are performed each year by them. Using custom surgical packs helps hospital administration to focus on the deliverance of health services by limiting the time needed on the supply chain.

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Reason #4: Managing Costs is Easier

Huabao surgical packs reduces the number of picking errors of instruments, the time of operating room setup, and improves patient volume and flow. The use of the packs eliminates the need for clinical staff to spend time on inventory management. In addition, less time is needed for opening individual packages. There are fewer invoices and purchase orders to deal with and waste is cut down as well. All of this makes it easier for health care facilities to identify and manage costs.

Reason #5: Faster Clinical Procedure Setup

Custom surgical packs can be ordered for a range of surgical procedures such as endoscopy, urology, orthopedic, ophthalmologic and cardiac patients. The items that are to be in the disposable laparotomy pack can be chosen by the providers of health care to meet their specific needs as they save money and time as well. Labor, materials and time are saved by their design, and the packs also allow health care facilities to eliminate handling, purchasing, accounting and inventory procedures. All of this allows for faster setup of clinical procedures.

Clear Results of Custom Surgical Packs’ Use

Clearly, the use of custom surgical packs have many benefits to the healthcare industry. They are clinically safer and it is more cost effective to use single use medical supplies. They save valuable staff time and reduces procedures prep times.




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