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11 Kinds of Toys That Effectively Develop Children's Intelligence!

Nov. 10, 2022

Parents are most concerned about the healthy growth of their children. In the face of problems that are not easy to solve, children can seek help from their parents, and the solution of problems is conducive to the development of children's abilities, and educating children is a worthwhile investment. Here are 11 effective toys to develop children's intelligence.


11 kinds of toys that effectively develop children's intelligence


1. Beads category.


6 months old baby has been able to feel the color changes, and can touch with their hands, at this time mothers can be the baby's initial training in color and quantity, at the same time can let the baby feel the change of shape, countless changes to make the baby full of interest.


2. Balls.


6 months old babies are interested in things that can move, and colored balls that can roll are the most attractive to them. With a push of the hand, the ball will roll forward, and the baby will crawl and chase the ball, which is even better if the mother can play with it.


Soft ocean balls are very common in children's playgrounds, and the colorful ones are especially attractive to children. It can not only play a certain buffering, protective role in the play facilities, but also is a toy for children to interact. Small ocean ball, the child also has the role of education, enlightenment


11 Kinds of Toys That Effectively Develop Children's Intelligence!


3. Building blocks.


8 months old infants have known toys, furniture and many other items, and understand that some objects are soft, some are hard, some have angles, and some are round and rolled. In the face of blocks, infants will begin to use two small hands, so that the blocks touch will make a loud sound, so that one stacked on the other to increase the height, etc.


4. Complex shape box.


This is used to train to observe the shape of the object toys, through this toy, the child can recognize a shape of the gap, allowing only the same shape of the object through.


5. Music table.


All toddlers love music, after 18 months 'toddlers already know how to choose their favorite music class line, then you can let the baby create their own music. Provide a music table to the baby, so that the child's creativity and musical sense, play a pleasant music to. Have the baby's own hands music, the baby will not like it?


6. Dolls.


Two-year-old toddlers have begun to have a personality and can express their likes and dislikes. If you have a toy doll, especially girls can be like a mother, wash the doll, dress, feed, praise or scold the doll.


7. Folding cups.


For two-year-old toddlers, stacking cup toys is the most endlessly changing game, both stacked into a tall tower, and can be shrunk into a single cup, but also other small things can be hidden in the cup and then look for some. Children can know that some things are invisible, but they exist.


8. Picture books.


Two-year-old toddlers already know a lot of items through the eyes, mouth and hands, if they can find the items they know in picture books, how much fun it will be!


9. Toy cars.


By the end of two years old, children are basically able to control their body parts and can drive a "car". If the "car" can be loaded with some of their own small toys, their own driver, it is really a lot of fun.


10. Pull the animal toys: pulling away


Pull the "animal" will go, so that young children are fascinated, they will know that the rope has such a pulling power.


11. Rattle ring.


3 months of age, children can hold the "ring" play with their hands, they feel with their hands, experience the feeling of the hands, eyes to see the various colors of the toy, taste the taste of the toy with the mouth, shaking the "ring" when the sound and can train the baby's sense of hearing.


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